Narf  LbNA # 24151

Placed DateJul 28 2006
LocationColumbia, MO
Planted By
Found By RandomChimp
Last Found Jun 15 2008
Hike Distance?

This box is inspired by the children's bedtime book called "The Lady in the Water" by M. Night Shyamalan. According to the story a narf is a very ancient sea nymph who is in search of people called vessels that are destined to do something important in the world. I believe in the magic of children, and the lessons they teach all of us. This Narf LB is dedicated to my second born son Silas who was my little water baby born at home in the water and continues to show and teach me important things every day.

The clue to finding the location of this box is in the knowledge that I carved the stamp as a "twin" stamp, i.e. there is an image carved on both the front and back that work together to create the image. It is also a mermaid which was often sought after on the high seas by "pirates" before "landing"

Now that you are there . . .
Park close to the shelter and take the gravel MKT parkway trail. With water on your left and woods to your right you will pass many benches. Continue until you reach the "twin" benches. Continue past the bench and a creel limits sign and you will notice a worn path leading into the woods on your right. Take this path until you find a fallen giant before a bridge. On the side of the giant facing the bridge go 4 paces (watch out for the stinging nettle)and look for a hidden cubby that holds the Narf. There are trails to the front and side of you so you may want to head back up to the bench to stamp up- it offers a lovely watery view and watch out for a Narf, if you see her, you are her vessel and one day will do something important for the world!

Please re-hide well, and e-mail me to let me know how the Narf is fairing.