Money  LbNA # 24191 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 25 2006
LocationShelbyville, IN
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Hike Distance?


Ok. There is a road next to Marsh in Shelbyville called Amos road. Turn down that road and find The Highpoint addition and turn into that! Then you need to turn right on the first road you come to. Last, Turn onto Flora Drive(I think thats wht is called!). When you continue down that short road you will see a sign that says Hickory Chase.
Finally here comes the easy part! Get out of your car( or off your bike) and go to the flag pole behind the sign! Take 7 or 8 steps towards the pond making sure that u stay centered! You will fall off the edge of the wall if you keep goign so, go ahead and step down there. about a foot away from the wall is a rock that hides The Money Box! There is a prize for you!