The Island Of Romance, Romance, Romance, Romance!  LbNA # 24205

Placed DateJul 23 2006
CountyLos Angeles
LocationAvalon, CA
Planted Bycoolskool    
Found By Island Foxes
Last Found Apr 9 2008
Hike Distance?

26 Miles Across The Sea - A Fun Little Mystery Is Waiting For Me


We land in the harbor across from the historic Avalon Casino and wait for the Best Western Shuttle (If you’re staying at the Best Western Catalina Canyon, they will come pick you up at the dock or the in-town shuttle stop. If not, rent a bike or a golf cart and make a day of it. The locals all know where this hotel is, so just ask for directions.)

When we arrive at the Catalina Canyon Resort, we pass through the main lobby and out through their double doors. The breezy tropical dream hits us like the day the hotel was built back in the 50s. We turn right and walk down 3 steps toward the lagoon pool. But we don’t go down too far. We turn left (north) and follow path alongside the restaurant toward the ping pong table. We pass the paddles walking toward the 10 foot high waterfall (sometimes running). We turn left at the hidden path up behind the ping pong hut. Follow path up to arching land bridge with a fountain stream on your left. At the path round-about we turn right and climb the steps toward Tiki Idol Pond. Our right turn at the pond takes us alongside the rooms (109-110). Between room 110 and 111, we see a path branching off and down to the right. We pass a sign for the spa as we follow the path above the restaurant roof and continue down toward the restaurant service entrance.

As the path opens up we come to a many-trunked tree with smooth bark on our left.* Beneath the tree, coming out of the rock wall is a large docking ring. We lift the chain link and let it drop. The loud ringing sound signals to our letterbox that we are nearby. We look in the direction the docking ring’s eye is pointing and see that it points toward the restaurant’s patio deck. At this point, we are very careful to avoid drawing attention to ourselves. We do not want the workers to see us and become suspicious. We take fifteen paces from the eye to a small door leading beneath the dining vacationers.

We undo the latch and open the door. Inside and to the right against the wall, we find The All American Family’s Letterbox.

*Extra Credit Mystery – High in the tree (about ten feet overhead) on the eastward leaning trunk is an orange tree lizard. He stays where he’s put on the south side of the trunk. If you find him, please put a checkmark by your stamp in our letterbox.