Snidley Whiplash and Friends  LbNA # 24220

OwnerPaw Paw and Granny    
Placed DateJul 29 2006
LocationStone Mountain, GA
Found By Children of Stone
Last Found Sep 25 2008
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Snidley Whiplash and Friends
Revised November 2008

Snidley was lurking in the Leland Cypress bushes at the “Right Under Your Nose Gathering” in hopes of luring a pretty young blond into his clutches. Sure enough, pretty Nell Fenwick was captured and whisked away to Stone Mountain Park to be tied to the railroad track.

Snidley parked in the lot at the beginning of the walk-up trail. As they passed the building with the necessary facilities, Nell wanted to go in. But cruel Snidley hurried past the building and turned right onto the track. At the fork, he kept right again and went around the bend. Poor inept Snidley, little did he know that he went up an inactive track. When he came to the fork, he took a hard left and went around the bend. Before he came to the other track, he stopped and tied her to the track. Then, hid on the left side of the track under a piece of a rotten cross tie lodged against a pine tree to wait for the train.

Will Dudley Doright get there to rescue her? Will she escape from the evil Snidley? What will happen to Nell? You must hurry to the park to see what happens.

PLEASE READ: This is a new hiding spot for Snidely. The first spot was discovered by vandals. Fortunately we found the remains of the box, the wet book and the stamp thrown down the bank on the other side of the track. Please be careful not to be seen and to rehide well. Also, it would be helpful if you would arrange the pine straw on the bank so it does not give away the location of the box.

We hope you enjoy the park as much as we do.
Happy Trails to you.

Granny and Paw Paw

Small advertisement: Most of our boxes in the park can be found in clusters in areas that are marked on the park map.

1. Plantation: Gone with the Wind (1)
2. Song Bird Trail: Song Bird Series (6)
3. Nature Garden: The Owl and the Hare (2)
4. Walk up trail: Snidely and Friends (3) and Three Kings (1)
5. Carillon: Robert and Carillon II – HHH (3)
6. Top of the Mountain: Top of the Rock Series (3)
7. Stone Mountain Village Series (not in the park but very close by)
8. Playground: Chocolate (A Dora adventure)

Hope this helped you get started at the rock.