OwnerLil'Blue Dragonfly    
Placed DateJul 21 2006
LocationBath, ME
Found By Daytrippers54
Last Found Aug 6 2016
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This is a drive-by box located off Rte. 127 outside of Bath heading towards Georgetown and Reid State Park. Once your hunting is over consider continuing down Rte. 127 a few more miles and spending some time at Reid State Park. There is a fee to enter but the time spent there is worthwhile. Once you are done exploring the Maine coast consider taking a right out of the park entrance and continuing down Rte. 127 a little further and end at Five Islands Lobster Shack to enjoy fresh lobster on picnic tables right on the water. This is a favorite stop for many during the summer hours but is closed duing the rest of the year.

Take Rte. 127 off Route 1 near the Bath bridge. Follow Rte. 127 roughly 7 miles until you reach HEAL CEMETARY. Find a safe place to park off to the side of the road.

Find where this family cemetary is overseen by the Heal Urn placed in 1892.

From there look carefully for little Jennie R., she will lead you to our folorn lovers, Rachel and Jacob. Rachel mourned Jacob for four years before she finally joined him in 1895.

Leave these two to eternity and head to the stone wall to their left and to your right.

Follow this wall to where these two have rejoined and headed upward to their eternal rest. They have marked this resurrection by two flanking tree on either side of the wall. These trees each start out with one trunk then branch out into four or five arms reaching up into the sky, just as Rachel and Jacob must have done when they reunited.

Their ascent is enhanced by a fallen tree over the wall that connects the two trees reaching up. (Beware of barbed wire around this area.)

Between these two trees, and near this fallen tree, hidden in the stone wall on the cemetary side, is the resting place for this lonesome box. Take your time looking for the box. It is tucked in between the rocks and hidden with leaves and sticks. (Beware of barbed wire.)