Happy Camper '06  LbNA # 24223

Placed DateJul 30 2006
LocationNashville, IN
Planted ByUncle Bubba    
Found By The Toadfrogs
Last Found Aug 3 2009
Hike Distance?

I checked on this box myself and it is doing fine as of 7-14-07.

Happy Camper ’06 is located in Brown County State Park. You can enter the Park from either the north or west entrance. This is the first of what I hope to be many letter boxes that I wish to plant. This letterbox was planted during a family camping trip in July of 2006.

Once you enter the park get a park map from the gate attendant and proceed to the Nature Center.

You will begin your search from a sign found on the north side of the Nature Center. Look for a sign which reads: “Brown County State Park Interpretive Gardens Est. 1993”.
Begin on the gravel path but do not enter the gardens. Continue on the gravel path to your right. This path will lead you toward and then behind the Nature Center.

Once behind the Nature Center you want to look for a Trail Marker for trail #6. Directly behind this trail marker you will see a sign that reads: “To Strahl Lake 1/2 mile”.

Proceed downhill on this narrow winding trail. Be careful this is a new trailhead and may be very slippery if it is wet. You will follow this portion of the trail for a bit until it comes to a wider and more established trail.

As the trail widens continue downhill and again be careful, this portion of the trail has a large number of roots that can trip you up. You may have figured out by this point that you are going to be heading back up this hill when you are done so save your strength.

Proceed on downhill until you come to a large Wooden Stair Structure. This Wooden Stair Structure will continue, you guessed it, downward.

Proceed down the stairs, level after level. About halfway down you will come upon a level with benches on your right. Turn around and go back up one level.

On the level above the benches turn to face down the stairs. Go to the handrail on your left and look down the hill to the north. Do you see a Fallen Tree?

Now go back down to the level with the benches. Slip under the handrail to your left (across from the benches). At this point you want to be aware of your surroundings because this is a popular trail. Also we were notified that Timber Rattlesnakes have recently decided that Brown County State Park would make a nice home.

Proceed to the north which should be slightly to your left and uphill approximately 18 paces (1 pace = 1 adult step while tripping uphill and through weeds). You should be heading toward the Fallen Tree that you spotted earlier.

Once you get to the Fallen Tree make your way to the uphill end of it (there will be nubs of roots still visible). Go to the back side of the tree and look for Happy Camper ’06 behind a group of sticks.

Please stamp the log book and send me an e-mail to let me know how the little feller is doing.