Spinal Tap  LbNA # 24225

OwnerLightnin Bug      
Placed DateJul 30 2006
Location???, PA
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 19 2006
Hike Distance?

Spinal Tap (cos this one goes to 11!)

From the tall pine, return to the double double double, and continue onward on the (FR/T/P) that brought you here. At the double E turn left, taking this (FR/T/P). Come to a place with 4 Es and turn right, perhaps assuming a reversal in elevation change. At the double O preceeded by one turn right and then the next left to Wood by Water (WBW). From WBW, spot the trail at (5!), perhaps reversing your elevation. Ignore a left hand trail and but go straight at the next double E. At the quadruple E, go straight, then again go straight at the double E but gapped double O. When you reach the F E L and E, go right on the (FR/T/P). At the next (FR/T/P), turn left. Prior to a waterbreak, spot a tan basketball slightly larger than a real basketball on the left hand side of the trail. From there, it is twice the earlier bearing and (the sum of the first four positive integers) paces to a SPOR behind a tree.

Basic math knowledge is assumed. Enjoy the atmosphere in this spot and be sure to look up and around.