Colonial Pemaquid  LbNA # 24236

Ownerplan b    
Placed DateJul 31 2006
LocationBristol, ME
Found By Ladybugs
Last Found Sep 14 2009
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PLEASE NOTE: The boxes have been picked up and are in the Museum as of Sept 2009

Colonial Pemaquid is situated on a point of land at the mouth of the Pemaquid River in the town of Bristol. Extensive archaeological excavations have unearthed 14 foundations of 17th- and 18th-century structures and the officers' quarters for Fort William Henry and Fort Frederick. A museum displays hundreds of artifacts found on the site, dating from prehistoric times through the colonial period. Musket balls, coins, pottery, and early hardware are among items of interest. The site includes a reconstruction of Fort William Henry, which also houses museum exhibits.
While you do not have to pay an entrance fee to find the Letterboxes, the view from the Fort is worth the $2!!

*As of 8.23.07 all boxes in place. Box #1 was replaced with a new carving and moved to a different location*

Boxes #1-3 are micro boxes. The journal is in box #4. Bring your own ink! Colored markers recommended

BOX #1 Park near the museum on top of the hill. Walk past the museum through the opening in the split rail fence leading to the public pier. As soon as you pass through the opening turn to your left and walk behind the museum building,passing the oil tank. On your right will be another split rail fence. Look behind the first post under a rock. Happy sailing!

BOX # 2 Walk past the boat ramp to a hedge of searoses. To the left of the hedge look between two rocks leaning against each other. Look closely, soemtimes the box slips quite far under the rock

BOX# 3 Visit the cemetery. Along the stone wall on the northern side is a tree stump. Find the box at the base of the stump, under a rock on the north side.

BOX #4 Amble over to Fort William Henry. Find the kiosk describing Pemaquids Three Forts. Behind the kiosk is the remains of a stone wall. Look beneath the third boulder to find the final box and the journal.