Fogarty's Flower  LbNA # 24268

Placed DateJul 31 2006
LocationDepoe Bay, OR
Found By StoneSoup
Last Found Mar 26 2012
Hike Distance?

Fogarty’s Flower
Fogarty Creek St. Park
Stroller friendly except for last 15 feet, dogs on leash OK, a quick find

Note: As of July 2011, have received several reports that this flower is gone. It had a long life for being moved a couple of times. This location, etc is open for adoption.....Or....keep looking! Gwen

Eight miles south of Lincoln City near Lincoln Beach is Fogarty Creek State Park. This is Day Use only and a fee park with beach access via a path under 101. The parking area is big and there are scads of picnic tables and several restrooms. In 2005 there were 2 letterboxes here but we don’t know their status now. There are also 2 entrances. The Flower LB can be accessed best from the South entrance where you should park near the 6-sided wood pavilion. If you enter the north entrance you will need to park near the restroom and cross the little wood pedestrian bridge over the creek to the pavilion area.

On 10/30/2006 we received the following note:
Dear Don and Gwen,
My husband and I spent this past weekend in Depoe Bay for our anniversary and had so much fun finding your 3 boxes that are in the area.

I wanted to let you know the status of your boxes.
Fogarty's Flower: the tree that is the location of that box is marked for demolition. My husband and I placed it in another tree close by and wrote down new directions for you. They are adjusted slightly as follows....

From the pavillion find the nearby asphalt, turning to gravel heading slightly uphill from the parking lot. Walk up the road to the chainlink enclosure noting the chain link locked gate. To your right and a bit further uphill is a bright red pipe gate.
From the south end of the red pipe gate, walk up the path (12 paces) to the second tree. Fix your eyes between the two small trees next to a big one. Looking south beyond the two small trees you will find your treasure at the base of what you see.


On 6/16/2007 We received this note:

sorry but i had to move your box from its lovely spot they are doing lots of construction and several trees are marked to be removed

as i have never hidden a box before and my family is very new to this fun sport i left my 12 yr old at the car and went in search of the new home then i went back to the car and gave him the written instructions i am giving to you
and with only a small rewrite as to the name of the arching tree he found it with out too much trouble i hope this works for you

here are the new directions

From the pavilion find the nearby asphalt trail leading north follow the trail past the cement SPOT on your right, past the 2 trees in 1
go under the arching tree
look north west and see the V
Behind the base is what you seek.

NOTE: We received a note on 8/23/2008 advising that the box was found using the clues dated 10/30/2006. Your guess is as good as ours? Well it is a "letterbox hunt" isn't it!

Please rehide carefully.

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