Fishing Rock  LbNA # 24269

Placed DateJul 31 2006
LocationDepoe Bay, OR
Found By Abby
Last Found Jul 18 2011
Hike Distance?

Note: the clues were changed on 9/22/2008. Mark and Sue replanted the stamp's original image. Any complaints on the clues can be sent to us and we will forward them onto the neophite letterboxers Mark and Sue.

Thanks for the intra national replant all the way from the Right Coast.

Note: July, 2011. I've received posts that this box needs a log book. Can you help out? So sorry I can't recall size of box but I would be grateful to have a fellow boxer resupply and keep old log book. Thanks... Gwen

Across 101 from Fogarty Creek St. Park
Dogs on leash, no restrooms, not stroller friendly unless you have a burly one. Easy box with an extensive beach views.

About 8 miles south of Lincoln City and near Lincoln Beach and just a bit north of Fogarty Creek St. Beach is Fishing Rock Street on the ocean side of 101. Across the street is Fogarty Creek RV Park and Italian Riviera Restaurant and Ember Forest.
Take the turn onto Fishing Rock Street (heading south if you pass the bead store you have gone too far!). Park in the fenced parking lot. If you have an RV you can park outside the lot. Cross the road to the informational signs.

Clues: Enter the foliage walled semi-tunnel. Walk a short distance to a section of fence with 5 uprights.
Continue up the main path until you have to take a right at a fence with 11 uprights. The box is hidden at the base
of the left most upright of the 11.

After getting the box, continue along the path to the view area to stamp in, as this path is busy. Post a look out if possible. Please replace the box with care placing the rocks on top.

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