Rainbow Falls?  LbNA # 24270

Placed DateJul 17 2006
LocationPe Ell, WA
Found By guato
Last Found Jun 10 2007
Hike Distance?

1/7/2007 we received a note indicating that the trees in this forest took quite a hit in this last winters storm. Many were blown down and the finder had to scramble over the trees. The box was found.

This little story starts in Puyallup where we booked 3 nights in the Majestic RV Park where Don participated in a sporting clays shoot on the second day. Since we had been on the road sampling the splendors of the rain forest of the Olympic Peninsula at the state campgrounds the culture shock began as soon as we hit the city, but once we entered the Majestic RV Park we realized how badly it was named. Majestic it was not! RVs were about 5 feet apart, had gravel surface, and the facility needed some maintenance in many areas. After the shoot we had a great visit from local letterboxer Clio mouse and after the exchange and dinner decided to kiss off our third night (paid for) and broke camp the next morning. After stopping at an antique mall Gwen flipped a coin and it was decided to go for the Rainbow Falls Campground on highway 12 near Pe Ell. It was a short driving day so once we got there we went for a hike and checked out the falls. Now we have certainly seen our share of waterfalls and have had the opportunity to run several on our whitewater trips, but the cataracts at this location are in a class to themselves. Our recollections of Rainey Falls, Clavey Falls, Carson Falls, and even Lava Falls have no comparison to Rainbow Falls. Don was so taken that he immediately carved a stamp for the spot and we went about the business of planting it. Since the Falls were so close to the road and the camp entrance we decided to cross the road and place it in the old growth forest, so once you have your fill of the awe inspiring view of Rainbow Falls then hop across the road (watch out for the traffic) and head up the trail for the letterbox.
Now we do have some apologies to dvn2r ckr as we are fairly certain she has a letterbox planted in this area, but we failed to bring a clue sheet with us so couldn’t look for her letterbox, but now that should give you two to search for.

USEFULL INFO: Restrooms within the park. Dogs on leash. Hike length: ˝ mile RT.
Park along side the road near the falls or in the Day use area within the park and cross the road towards the 2 sided covered bench which is the beginning of the trail.
Take the left hand trail that will parallel the highway. You will cross 2 wooden spans. Begin counting 450 steps. Pass Trail station signs 5 and 6. From sign # 6 you have 400 steps to go. Continue straight, not in direction of Station 6. The trail becomes steeper as it veers uphill away from the highway but begins to flatten out soon. On your left is a tall stump, then a cluster of 6 standing old growth Cedar type trees amid downed severed trunks and then on the RIGHT, twin stumps about 5 ft apart with a log leading to the stump furthest from trail. The letterbox is within reach but for clarity’s sake continue on just a bit and note the exposed tree roots from a downed giant on the left and then to the log that spans the path. Stop and retrace 34 steps. This should get you back to the 4 ft high twin stumps now on your LEFT. There is an obvious hole in the stump closest to you: this is not the spot! Instead, walk on the log about 7 steps to the other stump and root around inside the back of the stump under bark for the letterbox. Do please cover it up well after stamping in.

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