McKenzie's Head  LbNA # 24272

Placed DateJul 20 2006
LocationIlwaco, WA
Found By Happy moon
Last Found Jul 20 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 19 2015

Note: We received a note on 8/14/2009 that the logbook was full. If anyone is heading to the box would you please place another logbook in the box and send us a note so we can reimburse you. The original logbook can be left in the box as well.

In Cape Disappointment State Park located about ˝ way between the North Head Lighthouse and Cape Disappointment Lighthouse is a big chunk of rock/hill that is called McKenzie Head. Some say it is from the top vantage point that Lewis and Clark first saw the Pacific, but it didn’t get named for either one or for anyone on their trek. The hill was named later after a fur trader. The top has a great view and is less traveled than other trails inside the park. Don was so taken with the hill that we decided to hide a letterbox and he spent hours in the design and carving for just the right kind of stamp. Finally a Gwen inspired replica of McKenzie’s Head was finished and we hiked up to the top for the planting.
Find the trailhead near Lake O’Neil where there is parking for about 6 cars. Head up to the top and check out the view and the old structures for the two batteries.
From the tunnel doors on the western end continue 8 more steps (to the edges of the concrete), then proceed 8 more steps at 20 degrees, pass under a low canted branch until you reach 9 more steps. Turn to your left and a few feet away you will see a cluster of trees at 325 degrees. Walk on the rough path(may be overgrown) that goes between the trees (7 steps can easily take you through) and once through look down and left to where one tree trunk has a small opening at ground level and the letterbox is tucked inside with pieces of branches and tree duff covering it.
Remember to seal the Lock and Lock box properly and toss some more tree duff on the area once you are finished.
For those with all sorts of gear in your letterboxing bag, aren’t you glad you have your flashlight? No, you don’t need to have a flashlight with you but it might be more fun if you brought one.

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