Placed DateJul 2 2002
LocationGreat Falls, VA
Found By Night0wl
Last Found Oct 24 2013
Hike Distance?

The "Hollows Trail" sign is missing as of July 24, 2013.
Go to Riverbend in Great Falls and park in the lower (boat launch) lot. Take the trail at the downriver end of the lot (it will be muddy after rain).When you pass the picnic area, pause to view Jeff Callaway's Eagle Scout project off trail to the right and learn something about the Park's residents. Return to the trail and walk downriver for a total of about 13 minutes from the parking lot. At the sign "Hollows Trail", turn right and follow the trail for about 50 paces (not steps). Find the beech on the left with 2 branches growing straight up on the left side, starting about 4 feet off the ground. Standing opposite this tree on the trail, take a bearing of 235 degrees and walk about 35 steps to a tall snag. Possum Trot dwells at its base under a chunk of old root and leaves. Please rehide carefully (in its camouflage bag) under that root and leaves.