Natural Water Fountain  LbNA # 24317 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 7 2006
LocationGovernment Camp, OR
Found By Oregon Natives
Last Found Sep 15 2012
Hike Distance?

Heading around the south side of the mountain on Highway 26 you'll eventually have the chance to veer off to Highway 35 toward Hood River. Eventually you'll come across the old Mt. Hood Loop Highway where you'll head toward the Pioneer Woman's Grave. This would be a great location for a letterbox if you're into planting, but I passed it up. Instead, I headed up along the narrow Highway until I found the Natural Water Fountain on the right of the road. You'll want to take a minute to check out the left side of the road where you'll find a fantastic photo opportunity. Then back to the natural water fountain. My dad grew up around this area and said that people driving through this area would stop here for a drink on the way around the mountain in "the old days." Now they can stop for a letterbox. You'll just have to look up to the right side of the fountain under a rock. NOTE* You do not have to move any of the original stonework to find the box you it is actually behind the fountain. Please make sure you secure it when you put it back, as the weather in this area tends to move things around. I'd love to hear about your trip through this area so let me know how it went and how the box is doing. Enjoy!