Skidaway Island  LbNA # 2433 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 2 2003
LocationSavannah, GA
Found By Debean
Last Found Apr 11 2007
Hike Distance?

An Urban Letterbox
Savannah, GA Chatham County, GA
Date placed: 2/8/03 ***Adopted by Mark***
Difficulty: Easy

PLEASE NOTE: This box has been yanked by the Skidaway Island Park Police. Please e-mail b/4 you go looking for this lbox!!!

Driving Directions:
From I-95, take GA 204 E approx. 10.6 miles. Turn right on GA Spur 204 E (Montgomery Crossroads). Go approx. 1.3 miles. Turn right onto Waters Ave. (you will still be on Spur 204E). Follow this road approx. 5.5 miles until you see the sign for Skidaway Island State Park. Turn left at sign for Skidaway Island State Park. Drive into the park (there is a $2 parking fee) and go past the park office. When you get to the stop sign you will see the Museum/Interpretive Center. There will be parking areas to the left and right.

Directions to the Letterbox:
Walk on the right side of the Museum/Interpretive Center and follow the sign to the Sandpiper Nature Trail. Begin walking the trail. After crossing the boardwalk and two bridges, follow the trail to Marker G. Turn to your right on a little used trail just past Marker G. You will see palmetto clumps on the right-hand side of the trail. Stop at the 4th palmetto clump and turn left. You should be facing a dead, fallen oak tree. The letterbox is concealed underneath the tree. Beware of critters who may have made a home there also! Finish the trail - comes out on the left side of the museum.
Beautiful area, scenic walk!