Brambly Hedge  LbNA # 24340 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 6 2006
LocationAstoria, OR
Found By Hiking Hearts
Last Found Oct 3 2009
Hike Distance?

fairly short hike (around 1/4+/- mile)

After you stop by the Astoria Column, take a left at the bottom of Coxcomb Dr. Then take another left at the stop sign. Follow the road till you see a really cool old building in front of you. Keep following the road around the really cool old building into the park on the right - don't go down the hill. You have now found Shively Park! Admire the pretty white arrows on the ground. What can they possibly mean? Maybe they want you to park facing north? Or maybe just go around in circles?

To the letterbox:
You can get to the top of this little hill any number of ways, but the quickest way to the letterbox is straight up the main stairs (two big yews stand guard), find the trail past the swings, walk a little ways up till you see a little trail off to the right. If you get to the top you've gone too far. Follow this little trail to some stairs...stairs? What are stairs doing right here? Oh well, go down the stairs till you're standing next to two big douglas firs on your right (the western most tree has a bird house up high on it). The Brambly Hedge Letterbox is hiding in between the trees, tucked in the ivy next to the tree with the bird house.

As you make your way back down, keep an eye out for a piece from the Astoria-Weinhard Hotel. It's hiding in the bamboo. The hotel was destroyed in the big Astoria Fire in 1922. If you make it to the Heritage Museum, you can read all about the fire.

If you get a chance check out the Brambly Hedge Series by Jill Barklem. Her drawings are simply magical...just like this wonderful park! And her stories are sweet.

If you are in the mood for a quick hike, go to the south end of the hill top, go down the stairs on your right. There's two concrete poles marking a path on the other side of the little road. Start the trail then take the path on the right to go down and along the hillside to a tucked away hide-a-way (beautiful - 1/4 mile). There's another trail on the eastern side of the hill-starts from the little road. We followed it to the powerlines and then a little farther to an empty lot. Very nice view of Youngs Bay.

Hope you enjoyed this beautiful, out-of-the-way park in Astoria!

NeNe - emailed updates are appreciated :)