Bald Eagle Days  LbNA # 24349

Placed DateAug 4 2006
LocationCassville, WI
Found By Leapin' Lizards
Last Found Jul 25 2013
Hike Distance?

One of the benches mentioned in the clues is gone. The clues were re-written and the box was verified in place on 8-16-2009.
Nelson Dewey was the first governor of Wisconsin and was living in Cassville at the time. He wanted Cassville to be the state capitol, but that honor went to Belmont. Remember at this time the Mississippi was a major vehicle for commerce in the state. Historical sites in Cassville include Dewey's home and Stonefield Village which is a recreation of a Wisconsin village in the mid 1800s.
Today Cassville is home to Bald Eagle Days in January. The Alliant power plant sits on the river and there is open water all year, making it attractive to the eagles over the winter. You might want to bring a pair of binoculars to watch the eagles and hawks that like to ride the thermals along the bluffs. There is also Riverfront Park just west of Hwy 133 in town that you may want to visit. Hoffa's at 212 Crawford serves ice cream to eat as you stroll along the river. The Town Pump, a restaurant on 133 not the gas station, is where we usually stop for a sandwich.

Once you arrive at the park follow the main park road all the way up to the picnic area parking lot. This will be on top of the bluffs. Take a moment to enjoy the view looking over the Mississippi towards Iowa. Start your search on the Mound Point Trail at the northwest corner of the parking lot. Follow the trail up and around curves. You will reach an open area with a small wall, benches, and a picnic table. This is one of the main viewing areas for the eagles, and you may want to take time to enjoy the view again and do some bird watching. Continue straight along the trail to a bench on your right. 90 steps on from that bench a fallen tree nearly reaches the path on the right. During the summer this is almost completely covered with foliage. Follow along this tree to a larger fallen tree at his side. Your prize awaits you in the crack in this larger tree. Once you have stamped up and rehidden the box, you can contine along the trail and explore more of the park, or retrace your steps to your car.

When you return to your car, if you continue a short ways on the road you will come to a point that has a view of the Mississippi looking back towards Cassville. You may be able to see the car ferry that runs during the summer months to Iowa.

There are two of nature's bad boys to be on the lookout for in this part of Wisconsin. There is poison ivy along the trail, though none in the immediate area of the box when it was planted. I would highly advise long pants on this hike. This area of Wisconsin is also home to timber rattlesnakes. They are very, very, very rare. I have never actually seen one, despite spending much of my vacation time, weekends, and whatever other time I could wheedle out of my parents at my grandparent's farm between Potosi and Cassville when I was growing up. I was taught however to be cautious in the woods, and watch where you are placing your hands and feet, especially in rocky areas where snakes might be sunning themselves.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this part of the state of Wisconsin that has always been my second home. This is one of my very first plants and I would greatly appreciate any feedback!