Hazel Get Your Hat  LbNA # 24355

Placed DateJan 1 2006
LocationRutherfordton, NC
Found By Blinking Turtle
Last Found Aug 11 2007
Hike Distance?

Uncle Mike is up to one of his schemes again. He and Aunt Hazel are off on a road trip, but Hazel left her hat at the last place they visited.

Prior to the Battle of Kings Mountain, Gilbert Town hosted Patriots. Today it hosts even more, as reenactors stop here by the side of the Overmountain Victory Trail to camp each year.

Mike and Hazel wind their way down Highway 221, turning on Hudlow Road to go to Union Mills. It's a long way until the next turn, but the scenery is pleasant. Mike turns right on Rock Road and Hazel readjusts her pant legs. There are all sorts of critters at Gilbert Town.

The Historical Marker is on the left and Mike pulls over. Hazel races to the historical marker, but can't exactly remember where they were last time. She walks left, toward the corner of the field, and sees the treeline that juts into the mown area. That's it! There's a creek over there, too.

Hazel starts out at 20 degrees. She's hurrying, but Mike paces 16. There's the tree wrapped in a vine. Hazel walks right three or four steps and finds the log she was sitting on, now rolled into the tree line. On the right side of the log, near the cut, she finds her hat.

"Mike! We can go now!"


A pace is two steps.

Facing the same direction, Rock Road eventually becomes Highway 74 and 74-A and rejoins Hwy 221.

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