Tranquility in Taft  LbNA # 24388 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 6 2006
LocationLincoln City, OR
Found By blues moon
Last Found Apr 11 2012
Hike Distance?

Alive and well as of 4/23/07.

We spend our family vacations at the southern end of Lincoln City in what is known as the Taft District on 51st Ave SE. Located on Siletz Bay, a quiet body of water with lots of sandy beach and abundant marine life, Taft also has a nice assortment of fun shops and restaurants to explore, including Mo's which is famous for its clam chowder, and Eleanor's a bright pink burger and ice cream shop with an arcade in the back.

Siletz is a popular spot, so expect a lot of company if you go on a summer weekend - people crabbing, building sandcastles, and enjoying bonfires. As you walk down the beach, away from the parking, the crowds disperse and you can enjoy your own bit of paradise.

The letterbox "Tranquility in Taft" should be quick to locate in case of rain or cold (which is frequent in these parts). On a busy day you may have to wait for a quiet moment in order to retrieve and rehide the letterbox without being seen.

At the end of 51st stands a flagpole tall
And a place for a picnic, barbecue and all.
If you prefer to watch the seals, numbering more than a few
Choose the benches on the left for a peaceful view.
The lowest and farthest from the flag that flies,
Beneath the middle of the bench "Tranquility" lies.

Let me know when you've found it!
- Murray7,