Peace, Love and Harmony Along the Mighty Mississip  LbNA # 24400 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 9 2006
LocationSt. Paul, MN
Last Found Aug 17 2008
Hike Distance?

Oct '08 note: Peace is gone, and I don't know if I'll replant. Not til next spring, probably. Love and Harmony are still in place. If you want to shorten your walk, park at the second place mentioned below.

You can park at Shephard and Ontario Streets (starting point and close to Peace) or just east of Sibley on Shephard (closer to Love and Harmony).

Start at Shepard Rd. and Onterio St. on the river banks in downtown St. Paul. There is a nice public area there, with gardens and sitting areas. You'll see four birds of a bronze feather and four round fountains. The path I'm sending you on is a pretty popular one for joggers, bikers and 'bladers,so watch out for muggles!

Just to the east of the fountains and birds is a round place where the walking path bumps out towards the river. It's a big concrete circle. Stand in the middle of the circle with your back to the river. Line yourself up so you're looking right down the hand railing that comes down the steps from Shepard. See the lines that radiate from the center of your circle? Find a short one that is at about 11:00 as you stand there. Follow where it points up to the second row of limestone benches. There is a flat, almost perfectly square face. Walk up and reach under the low slab to the left of that square face. There should be a couple of small chunks of limestone wedged in there. Behind them in the box. Please be sure to rehide it securely and completely.

From here you walk east along the walking path, (or drive east along shephard Rd to the second parking lot mentioned above) under the Wabasha St. Bridge and Robert St. bridges. Keep going , past the area with tables and the blue sail fish. When you pass under the Highway 52 (Lafayette) bridge, stop exactly under it and look towards the river. You will be about halfway between two mooring posts for barges along the river. In front of you and a little to the left is a squatty hackberry tree with a dead, equally squatty buckthorn tree next to it. As you stand on the edge of the grass looking at the hackberry, about four feet over to your right and into the hillside rocks are two large sandstone rocks, and then a smaller concrete aggregate "rock" on top of them. The shore slope is shored with rocks, so these will not be too obvious. To help I have placed a thick stick poking up from between the bigger sandstone rocks. The box is under them. Please rehide well, and replace the stick.

Continue east about a quarter mile more, all the way down to a wooden-decked "bump out" overlook area. It has four, three, two, and of course the one you're looking for. To find that one, find the easternmost of the "three." on the outside edge of the decking is a board that has popped its nails and started to bow upward. The paving extends around the outside of the lookout area on that side. Follow it down below the deck surface to the rocks below. Almost directly below where that popped board is, is the box, under the rocks up against the lookout. Another long stick helps identify.

Please be stealthy and rehide well.