Hendrick Hudson LB's # 1 & # 2  LbNA # 24424

Placed DateJul 8 2006
Location??????, NY
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When Henry Hudson (Hendrick Hudson to his Dutch employers, The Dutch East India Co.) sailed up the large river presently bearing his name, he was watched by many curious eyes, most unbeknownst to him and his crew. One such group of "eyes" were members of a hunting party of the sub-tribe "Catskills" of the Munsee family of the Lenni Lenape Indians on their annual fall hunt.

From a favorite prominent perch (where LB # 1 is hidden) high in the magestic mountains that now bear their name, first one then other hunters spotted what they first thought was a dragon but later realized it was a very large "canoe" with white "buckskins" billowing overhead traveling up their beloved "Great Waters Constantly in Motion", as they called this famous river. They immediately signalled, with fire, the 2nd half of their party on their lofty perch (where LB # 2 is hidden), as well as two other fellow hunting parties perched high atop the two "Grand Guardians" of these beautiful Catskill Mountains; 19.35 miles and 7.60 miles away as the crow flies.

The serene world of the Lenni Lenapes was to be changed forever!!

Hendrick Hudson LB # 1:

Once you locate this lofty perch with such a historic past, go to the most obvious spot from which to view the vista. On this very spot a modern day explorer carved "SN 1995" in the stone 386 years after the hunting party made their discovery. From this "SN 1995" take a bearing of 50* for 20 steps, past a balsam tree, a white birch, and a rock wall on your left. In a vertical crack in the rock ledge in front of you hidden under some rocks lies the first half of this LBing series.

Please rehide carefully and let me know how you made out.

Hendrick Hudson LB # 2:

The 2nd half of the hunting party was on another favorite prominent perch 11.1 miles +/- away, as the crow flies, in a northerly direction directly over the 3rd largest "Guardian" of these beautiful Catskill Mountains.

Once you locate this lofty perch go to the southeastern most spot with a view of the vista. On this very spot some modern day explorers carved in the rock;

BG 91

From this carving go due south 7 or 8 steps to a 3-4 foot diameter rock. Upon close examination you will find this rock is sitting on two larger rocks. Under one of these larger rocks hidden by a couple of flat stones you will find the 2nd half of the LBing series.

Please rehide carefully and let me know how you made out.

Thank you!!