The Fishy Letterbox  LbNA # 24425 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 7 2006
LocationGorham, ME
Found By Jars of Clay
Last Found Oct 9 2006
Hike Distance?

Go to the new Shaw Park on Rt 237 in Gorham. North of the Little Falls Rotary. Park at the lower baseball field. Walk past 3 large boulders toward the river. To your left, upriver, is the tressel path. To your right is the dam. Take the path on your right (facing the river) a short way until you find a pole. At the Well Monitoring pole (read the pole) take a left 22 paces to the "Y" tree. You are a little off trail and it's on a hill so be careful!! Look at the base of the tree. This letterbox was made by my 11year old daughter in honor of our first weekend letterboxing. That's right, we discovered letterboxing and made our first stamps on a Friday, found our first five boxes on Saturday, and she made and placed her first box on Sunday. Enjoy!