Lost Stone of Canton  LbNA # 24437

OwnerGupta's scriptionari    
Placed Date
LocationCanton, MS
Found By unapplebonked
Last Found Mar 22 2009
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Flea markets, John Grisham films, beautiful old homes, Nissan, one of the best picture framing shops around (The Cricket Box, on the square), and The Lost Stone of Canton Letterbox, these are just a few of the many surprises that await you in Canton, MS.

Find the Canton Cemetary.

Go to towards the back of the cemetary. (facing east) To your left you will find one of the many HUGE MAGNOLIA trees of the cemetary. This one stands out because it's trunk(s) equal about 5! It has engulfed several markers and stones. Look towards the houses across the road. As you do you will see a tomb that resembles an oven(s). There are several broken pieces of stone leaning against the tomb. Behind one of thoses pieces is the Lost Stone of Canton. You'll know you're at the right spot because to your left will be an angel statue that is holding a quill and a book.

This cemetary as well as many other locations in Canton have
been featured in several movies.

This letterbox is about missing pieces of stone that crumble from the old markers in all cemetarys AND to give props to my longtime friend, who is a CANTON native!