Glacial Blue Hills  LbNA # 24442

OwnerMeandering Melee    
Placed DateAug 10 2006
LocationGlacial Blue Hills Recreation Area, West Bend, WI
Found By Barton's Ma Bell
Last Found Jun 22 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 23 2015

Distance: about 2 miles
Terrain: Rolling hills with some steep hills.
Time: 60 to 90 minutes

These boxes are in the Glacial Blue Hills Recreation Area. The park is open from 6am to 11pm.

Pets are not allowed on the trails.

To get to the Glacial Blue Hills Recreation Area, take Hwy 33 into West Bend. Turn north on 18th street (at the McDonalds) and drive for about 1 mile to the second stop sign. Turn left (west) on Jefferson St./Beaver Dam Road and travel for about 1 mile, park will be on your right.

It was a warm summer’s evening as the melee decided to meander along a short stretch of the Ice Age trail. The melee was unusually mellow tonight. Maybe a new team trail name was in order. Each child had a box that contained 1/3 of a memento of the park. At the trailhead by the sign showing their route, they were told to work together to find three places to hide their mementos to be found by others someday. What is it about the phrase “work together”? All three took off down the trail yelling how they each were going to find the perfect spots. “Let’s go find ‘em!!”

I could hear them arguing up ahead about which way to go. Garrett, the youngest, was curious as to the yellow marks on the tree, but started to lose interest. He took off alone on the first trail that led off to the right (about 90 paces from the trailhead. He then saw a red and white sign on the left and wanted a better look. “Hey maybe I can get a better look from up on that hill to the right”, he said. He continued on the same trail a short distance past another turn off to the left and became confused when he got to a massive intersection of trails. He climbed up the steep hill on the right for a better view. After crossing over the rock slide and passing a 5-trunked tree, he came to a 3-trunked tree with another 5-trunked tree beside it on the right side of the trail. He decided he had gone far enough and placed his memento in the midst of that 5-trunked tree under a log.

After finding him at the tree, we walked back down to the massive intersection and took the trail to the right that we could see connected us to a trail that turned off only a few feet further. After walking for a bit on the rollercoaster ride of a trail, the trail veered left and we walked past a blue and white sign, down the hill and came to what appeared to be a more heavily traveled trail. We turned right and walked until we came to the rather large drop-off. We followed the trail to the left and stayed to the left at the next fork in the trail as well. After passing another one of those blue and white signs, we came upon another wider trail. “Hey, more of those yellow marks”, said Garrett. So we turned right and followed those for a while.

Chris, who had still been following the yellow marks, came to another sign showing the trail map. “This must be the end of the trail”, he said. He still hadn’t hidden his box. He looked away from the way he had come, first towards the clearing, then towards the dark woods. He walked a little way into the dark woods and decided to follow a small animal trail that went off to the right. After walking in about 16 paces, he decided to sit by the large dead tree that was still standing to his left. He placed his box into the end of the large branch that had broken off the large dead tree. We came upon him a short time later while calling for him from the trail map. “Let’s continue on this main trail into the field”, I said, “We need to find that sister of yours”.

“Kelsey turned off at another sign showing the map in the woods”, Chris said. We decided to continue on our current path and follow the trail around and maybe we would meet up with her. We walked along the edge of the clearing back into the woods. We ignored many trails going off in both directions until we got to the top of the hill. We turned to the left and trudged on, going over another rollercoaster ride of root and rock covered hills ignoring another smaller trail that turned off to the left. We came to another opening in the trees. “Finally, some daylight”, although this clearing was much smaller than the last. As we neared the end of the clearing, we came upon another trail with a trail marker with the number 20 on it. we heard some snickering down the trail on the right. About 35 paces down the trail we found her sitting on a rock pile off to the right side of the trail. Towards the left end of the rock pile was a large 7-trunked tree. She hid her memento in the base of that tree covered by some rocks and leaves.

“Let’s go home”, I said. We walked the 35 paces back out to the other trail, turned right, walked through a 4-way intersection, and came to another sign with a trail map. “This is where I went this way and Chris went that way”, she said. We turned to the right and followed that trail back out to the parking lot.

Please update us as to the status of these boxes.