The Night Walk Letterbox  LbNA # 24492 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBelmont Bunch    
Placed DateJun 9 2006
LocationBelmont, NC
Found By OurGreenHome
Last Found Aug 7 2011
Hike Distance?

About 8 years ago, my then 2-year-old son and I were constantly reading a book called "Owl's World" from the Disney's Series called "Out and About With Pooh - A Grow and Learn Library." In this book, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet are taken on a night walk by Owl. They see lots of cool things on this night walk.

I just happened to be looking in the paper one weekend and found a Night Walk in a nearby park - Crowders Mountain I left my other baby and husband at home, and met the Ranger and other folks at the Park Office with Alex at dark one Saturday night. The Ranger said there was a minimun age of 5 years. I convinced her that Alex was as good as gold and could take the walk. He was and he did! He was quieter than some of the adults on the walk. We had a nice hike and did hear some owls, and saw and heard other nighttime creatures. This story is our inspiration for this letterbox.

THE SAGA CONTINUES - December 8, 2006

We used to have this box posted 1/2 way up the Backside Trail of Crowder's Mountain. However it was confiscated by the park officials and I was told I could replant it with a $35 fee. Take note all you new letterboxers. Keep your mission to yourself in case park officials are charging for the wholesome, inexpensive hobby of letterboxing. I'm replanting it in a free spot. The new spot is at the Belmont Branch Library in Belmont, NC. The owl now stands for Wisdom that one soaks in from reading the books of a library.
Pull into the parking of the Belmont Library. To the left is a cluster of large trees. Without drawing attention to yourself, go around the backside of the cluster of trees and dig in the middle. The letterbox will be there. This is a heavily trafficked area during library hours so try to go on a Sunday or when the library is closed.

Happy Hunting!