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Home, Home on the Range MISSING!!!!  LbNA # 24561 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 14 2006
LocationConnersville, IN
Planted ByTrailStompers    
Found By Team Mad Dawg
Last Found Sep 29 2007
Hike Distance?


If you found the box at Tate Cemetary, you weren't far from this one. From Tate, continue on down the hill, away from the subdivision you had to drive through. At the bottom, when you get to the T in the road, there is a a bridge there to your right. Park right there on the right side of the road. You'll see a narrow place between the stop sign and the bridge railing. Very CAREFULLY, go on down in there and as soon as you get to the end of the concrete, look around the corner to the left and you'll find a big gentle giant waiting for you. (Boy, I sure hope this is a safe hiding spot. If that little voice in my head keeps pestering me, I'll move it to some place else.) Please inform me if, when you get there, he's taken off for parts unknown. Now, you've got the letterbox, but you still haven't seen the main attraction. Drive on around the corner to the right, across the bridge. The road will curve around a little, go up and down a little, and then flatten out. As soon as it flattens out, you'll see a place on the left with a black fence. I truly hope the main feature is showing today, and that you are able to witness what I've been all excited about since I was a little kid and lived just a few miles away from this location. Please let me know what you see, and I do hope you get to see. Oh, and don't be afraid to pull over and put it in "park" and watch a while. Happens all the time and I don't think anyone minds too much. :)