Trail of the Macabre-Part 1  LbNA # 24564

Placed DateAug 14 2006
LocationPresque Isle, ME
Planted ByThe Aroostook Misfit    
Found By The Beekeeper
Last Found Jun 4 2009
Hike Distance?

Welcome to the "Trail of the Macabre" letterbox series...A three part, six stamp series that has nothing to do with the area, but opens the door to a haunting, eerie and very true part of U.S. history...the serial killer! For some years I have read many (probably too many, Ha!) intruiging stories from true crime novels. Then I got into Letterboxing and tried my hand at stamp here we first series, Enjoy!...and ALWAYS look over your shoulder...
This 3 part series is placed in Aroostook State Park. I chose to place here for no particular reason, maybe because it is such a pretty place to put such dark secrets...Aroostook State Park is located off of Route 1 before you reach the town of Presque Isle... just follow the signs...Once you reach the park, pay the minimal 2.00 gate fee, grab a map, and continue along the park road and park in main parking lot, not by campgrounds...this is where your search begins...NOTE: stamps are of larger nature (aprox. 3" by 3")..just an fyi and always bring your own ink, though it is provided....

Trail of the Mababre- Part 1:
This two stamp part consists of Ed Gein and Charles Manson...

Theodore Gein (Aug. 27, 1906-Jul. 26, 1984), was one of the most notorious murderers in U.S. history. The particulary bizzare and morbid nature of his crimes shocked the world, even though it may never be known if he committed than two murders. Besides the death of his brother in 1944 under puzzling circumstances, between 1947 and 1957 six people disappeared from the Wisconsin towns of La Crosse and Plainfield; Gein could be linked for certain to only two, though it is suspected there were more...Once parked in the parking lot, head down the stone stairs toward the lake...Face the lake...Head south (right) and follow the lake until you see the LAST BBQ grill... Stop...From the grill take 12 paces (1 pace=2 steps, count w/left leg)...Stop...Turn 90 deg. to your right and proceed about 6 paces up toward a low stump next to a tree...The Ghoul of Plainfield, Ed Gein hides in the stump...Ink well and stamp hard...After stamping hold your stamping back and look...This stamp is from a picture taken at the time of his arrest, you see absolutely no remorse in this mans eyes, just sadness that he'd been caught...Rehide and cover well..Off to Box # 2...

Charles Milles Manson (b. Nov. 12, 1934) is an American convict and career criminal, most famous for his actions in the late 1960s. He has spent most of his adult life in prison, initially for offences such as car theft, forgery and credit card fraud. He also worked some time as a pimp. In the late 1960s, he became the leader of a group known as "The Family", and masterminded several brutal murders, most notably that of movie actress Sharon Tate. He was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder in what came to be known as the "Tate-La Bianca case", named after the victims, although he was not accused of committing the murders in person. He is serving a life sentence in California's Corcoran State Prison, and is up for parole in 2007...Backpeddle and follow the sign and trail towards the 'Toilets' (closer to Box#1 and don't worry, its not hidden IN the toilet, Ha!)...Proceed to and past the latrines down the wooden path...At the end of the wooden path, take about 5 paces...Look to your left...Tree, Rock, Stump...Manson resides under the middle of the latter...Stamp up and rehide well...Now on to "Trail of the Macabre-Part 2", which is David Berkowitz aka The Son of Sam and John Wayne Gacy aka The Killer Clown.....

A Note from The Aroostook Misfit: This series is NOT intended to offend anyone. There is no "gore" involved in the stamps, just portraits of the faces that have tarnished the human species. Thanks, T.A.M.