The Wreck of Peter Iredale  LbNA # 24584

Placed DateAug 3 2006
LocationFort Stevens, OR
Found By the adventurers
Last Found Jul 27 2011
Hike Distance?

All boxes are safe and snug in their hiding spots as of 05/17/2010. Please be sure to re-hide well and be very discreat when looking for boxes. Thanks and enjoy!

update- box #1 was a victim of the storm in 2007. We have carved and relocated the stamp in March 2008. All other boxes alive and doing well. With new books and containers.

Child friendly? Yes
Wheelchair friendly? Yes
Time: About two hours

These boxes were carved and placed by a girls only camp out. We stayed in a Yurt, wich was a total blast.

Off of Hwy 101 follow signs to Fort Stevens. Turn left into the overnight camping entrance. Pass the ranger station to the stop sign. Go left past the Information booth and Recycling Center. Park in the spots on the left.

Box#1 Carved by Aunt Barbara age 40somthing. New stamp carved by funky munky.

Cross the street to the asphalt path look for the wish bone. Then cross back over street to the two hour parking sign. The last one on the left. Stand in front of the sign and at 12:00 looking past the sign is a tree slightly on an incline at it's base is a lovley flower.

Box #2 Carved by Grandma Susan age 60somthing

Back the the path going north to the stop sign. Cross the street and go left down the path called Sunset Trail toward The Wreck of Peter Iredale. At the crest of a small incline on the left you'll see a squid and the #2. At it's base you'll find Mr. Squids friend the Whale.

Box#3 Carved by Mom Lisa age 30somthing

Keep following the trail to the ship Wreck through the tunnel and past the bench. Just before the Beach on the right you'll see 4 lazy Pines. Just past the Pines is a snag. Around to the roadside portion of the tree are two arms with razor grass growing. Under some sticks and moss you'll find a Palm longing to be on the beach.

Here you can continue to the beach and enjoy a picnic lunch at the ship wreck. When your done with lunch continue back the way you came.

Box#4 Carved by Samantha age 9

Follow the path back to the bench. Take a seat and enjoy the dancing trees. When your finished, from the bench turn the opposite direction and look for the game trail. Go under the arch to the green bridge. Follow the bridge to the right and you'll see a green carpet. Under the carpet you'll find a refreshing bite of water mellon. We hope you enjoy your snack. Back to the path.

Box# 5 Carved by Shelby age 9 1/2

Follow the path back towards your campsite or car. You'll see a trail marked Battery Russell. Go to the left and you'll see a trio. In its center you'll find the trio's heart beneath the bark and twiggs.

WE hope you had as much fun a we did.