Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Aikaterina  LbNA # 24616

Placed DateAug 15 2006
LocationBerea, KY
Planted ByAram Garoghlanian    
Found By Pan
Last Found Aug 25 2017
Hike Distance?

From exit 76 on I-75, drive towards Berea on Route 21. The road branches to the right in front of Boone Tavern. An ample parking lot is on the left 4.3 miles from the exit.

Walk up the asphalt path past the area where the Berea Craft Festival is staged twice a year.

Near the disused theater, a sign with blue letters, indicating the mountain’s associations with Native American religion, marks the trailhead. Follow the trail up the mountain.

At the T (here T stands for triangle), rest at the bench for a moment. Then continue left, following a welcome, level stretch of trail.

At the Y, a sign presents two choices: back towards the parking lot and the East Pinnacle or onward towards the West Pinnacle (3,750 ft.). Take the third, unmarked option: up.

At the top of the hill, you will come to a crossroads. A sign directs you to continue straight through the crossroads towards Indian Fort Lookout.

At the T, turn left. You will know you are going the right way when you see the ‘chimney’ of Devil’s Kitchen, a hole in the path with an iron bar grate.

A short walk over level ground, with a sheer cliff on your right, will bring you to the Lookout. Notice the view. Then notice the epigraphy. Find R.L. Terril (you will find him right next to Tink, who once felt affection for Cheryl).

Stand on Mr. Terril. Walk approximately 165 steps, keeping the cliff to your right.

Find R.L.’s second inscription, dated 1927, with a backwards 9. Once again, stand on Mr. Terril and face the mountain. An upturned tree on the left creates a recess. A pile of rocks atop a layer of leaves conceals Aikaterina. Enjoy, and please hide again carefully.

You can get a map of the Indian Fort Mountain trails from the front desk of the Kentucky Artisan Center at exit 77 or from Berea College forestry office (859-985-3587). You will not need the map for this box.