The Secret Code  LbNA # 24622

Placed DateAug 17 2006
LocationPittsboro, NC
Planted ByMegan the Dreamer    
Found By Bluebird
Last Found Jul 3 2015
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The Secret Code

The members of the early Christian church were often persecuted when they would gather for fellowship and worship. They used a symbol when greeting each other in public places. These letterboxes are dedicated to that symbol.

Find Brown’s Chapel United Methodist Church in Pittsboro, NC. Link:

These boxes have been replaced. However, the second box was rehidden in a new spot, so please disregard the old clues.

Box 1

Start where you can park your car on any side of the large oak. Walk in a northerly direction. Say hello to the Mixons as you pass by. Enter the memorial garden on the gravel path. Make the right decision and feel free to rest and reflect on the pink granite bench. Naomi won’t mind. Once you have rested go to the foot of the cross. Turn 70 degrees (from true north) and go 17 paces until you can’t go any further. The first box is nestled between the twin pines. You might choose to go back to the bench for easier stamping.

Box 2

For the second box, head westerly to a white rocky area. Behind all the fun you will see a row of trees. In the SW corner, behind the kid's clubhouse, you see baby tree, mama tree and daddy tree all standing beside each other. Behind big daddy, under a bed of prickly things is your secret code. Feel free to use any of the sitting areas to stamp but do rehide because this area is busy with kids each Sunday

When the early Christians met, they would join these 2 symbols together to make one. Can you do that? Can you stamp in such a way to create the secret code?