Deer Creek  LbNA # 2463

OwnerSeeker of Flags    
Placed DateApr 6 2002
LocationMt. Sterling, OH
Found By Jay bird
Last Found Dec 17 2008
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Clues-1.5, Physical-2.5
Deer Creek State Park
Mt. Sterling, Pickaway County, OH
Placed: 6 April 2002 by Seeker of Flags
General notes: Please take your own stamp pad(s). Ohio’s climate is not conducive to stamp pad durability. Seeker of Flags’ pace count is 19.5 double steps per 100 feet. A pace equals 2 steps. Degree of difficulty is on a 5 point scale. Please e-mail me at the
address above with any complaints, suggestions, or information about the status and condition of the Letterbox.

You can follow the signs from Mt. Sterling to Deer Creek State Park. Once on the Park grounds there are more signs to take you to the Main Lodge.

From the west side of the west parking area at the Main Lodge, there is a sign for the Ridge Trail. Its a 1.5 mile loop with an opportunity to walk out to a Wildlife Observation Blind at the mid-point. Wildlife is enticed in with corn and a salt block.

After the first Ridge Trail sign, its about 35 paces to a small Park road. Cross the road. About 104 paces from there past the baseball field on your left to the next sign for the Ridge Trail. Follow the yellow blazes along the path to the right. Its a flat, easy walk, to the Observation Blind. As you come back to the main trail loop from the Blind turn right and count 137 paces to a bridge. The path gets steeper as it goes up and down through the reentrants close to the Lake. Count another 154 paces to a bench. The bench over-looks the Lake, across from a boat launch on the far side. Another 82 paces and you'll see a semi-open area to your left with a very shallow reentrant dotted with 7+ big boulders. From here 12 more paces and the path turns left away from the Lake. Keep on counting from 12 and at 20 paces look right for a boulder about 15 feet off the path, at 30 paces a path comes in from the left and the Ridge Trail turns right. Then the Ridge Trail turns left where a path to the right has been blocked off. Now you’re just east and above the boulder. The boulder is your objective, but its protected by a lot of blood-thirsty stickers and vines. Your best options are to go back down the path to the Lake and look for a break in the vegetation to approach from below and west of the boulder. Or go past the blockage on the path and look right for a break in the vegetation and approach from the south.

When you get to the boulder the Letterbox is in a hollowed out spot protected by the east side of the boulder.
Return to the Ridge Trail and continue east. Approximately 88 paces and you'll recognize where you are.
This Park is best visited in the Fall or Winter. In the Spring, or after much rain, the trails are very muddy and slippery. In the Summer, the reason for the original name of this area, "Tick Ridge" becomes very evident.