Promenade  LbNA # 24633

Placed DateAug 17 2006
LocationColumbia, MO
Planted Bytouchtrek    
Found By Grace to You
Last Found Jul 16 2007
Hike Distance?

*Note* out of town boxers can contact me for expanded clues. This box is in an area that has a fair share of folk. Please use your stealth during discovery and re-hiding. This little box is also a contestant in the "Now You See Me...Now You Don't" contest described on the Mid Missouri Letterboxers website. The posting regarding the contest is in the July 2006 archives. More info on this can be viewed at:

Now...on to the clue:

Scott looked toward town and said:"Whew-whee...that Katy's offspring is something! She has quite a bustle in her trestle! Tell ya what, take a stroll, face the sunrise and take her by the arm...she is ATTRACTIVE!"

Please let me know how you liked your walk!