Sun Fish at Sunny Lake  LbNA # 24639

OwnerThe Pirates    
Placed DateAug 19 2006
LocationAurora, OH
Found By mistyriver
Last Found Jun 23 2013
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Sun Fish at Sunny Lake

Aurora Sunny Lake Park, has a beautiful lake with trails that run around it and boat rentals, pavillions, nice for fishing and hiking.

Equipment Needed: ink pad
Difficulty: Easy
Time 45 minutes

Address: 885 East Mennonite Rd, Aurora, OH, 44202

Driving Directions:

Traveling East on I-480 , Exit at Frost Rd (Streetsboro) , go east (left) on Frost Rd approx 2 miles to Route 43. Turn (North) left on Route 43 and go approx 2 miles to E. Mennonite Rd. Turn right (east) on E. Mennonite Rd. The park is about a 1.5 miles down on the left. Park in the Second lot (east) by the Memorial Tree Garden.

This is a 2 part letterbox


1.Park at the Memorial tree garden lot (2nd paring lot)

2.Go to the far RIGHT (east side) of the parking lot to the green/yellow post to begin the path.

3.Walk straight on the path towards the hill past the Park Map.

4.There is a split but keep going forward

5.Up the path there is a garbage can and a .25 mile marker at that time go left.

6. Follow the path into the woods and past the first marker (It is marked 1.50 but should be .50 as the 1 was covered but is now exposed)

7.When you come to a black crushed asphalt (gravel) path to the right and walk up the path (it becomes a dirt path)

8.There is a big tree to the right that looks like its got a very long drooping branch if you see that your on the right path (if you don’t see it your probably still ok)

9.Continue up the hill on the path and you should see a big tree to the left that looks like it has got 2 eyes and 2 big limbs that go up to form a "V".

10.Near the base in the back covered in bark, leaves and small sticks is your box number 1.

12.Look in there and there should be the 1st letterbox, get your first stamp. The log is in the 2nd letterbox.

Part 2

14. Go back down the gravel path that you came in on.

15. At the bottom make a right and continue to travel on the main path over the steel drain pipes, eventually you will see a park bench on the left, keep going until you come to an opening where there is a field where the power lines go through.

16.Make a right and head down the power lines.

17.When you reach the first pole you will notice another gravel path going off to the left, take that path.

18.Keep walking down the path and you will see on the left a rusty pole very close to the path (about 5 feet tall) . Stop, then take 10 more steps down the path and turn right.

19.You should be looking at a big tree. Your second letterbox is there. Stamp your book with the second stamp. and please stamp the log book. Mission complete!!

*Please re-hide the box so that it cannot be seen.

**Please record your find at :)