Joseph's Dream  LbNA # 24643

Placed DateAug 12 2006
CountyLos Alamos
LocationLos Alamos, NM
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Joseph’s Dream Letterbox

Planted by rtrw and Sunflower Girl on August 12, 2006

Difficulty – quite simple, really
Time – just a minute or two
Directions to starting place - Go to Los Alamos, New Mexico. Quite a feat for people from Connecticut and New Hampshire. (Yes, this is my desperate plea for finders to care for this poor orphaned box. Thank you.) Find your way or mapquest it to the corner of North Mesard and San Ildefonso and look for the rotary. (Locals seem to call it a roundabout. This makes me smile)

Details you should know - This box isn’t hidden all that well. It will probably be moved by some local friends to a safer location. I’ll update the clues once that happens.
This stamp is an image of what took place in the bible in Matthew 1:18-24. Such good news this still is.

Details you don't need to know – This one is for AET and EET, new little letterboxing devotees. Thanks to both of you for loving my hobby. One of these days you’ll have to come to Connecticut and we’ll letterbox all day long. My apologies to the normal parents of the aforementioned little ones. I infected your offspring and blew town. Not the behavior of a true friend.

If you look to the east of the roundabout there is an iggle parking area. Park in it.
Take the path toward the sun and flowers.
From there, head up the cement path and take 15 steps past the information kiosk (you can look it up in that great dictionary of yours)
Take a sharp right hand turn to the split rocks.
Stand on the two stumps on the backside of the rocks.
Take 16 bunny hops or steps towards two trees with three rocks
Look under the second rock to find your prize!
Remember to be stealthy when finding any box and to rehide the box well.
Thanks for a great visit.