Rolling Hills  LbNA # 2466

OwnerSeeker of Flags    
Placed DateApr 6 2002
LocationMt. Sterling, OH
Last Found Sep 30 2007
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Clues-1.5, Physical-2.5
Deer Creek State Park
Mt. Sterling, Pickaway County, OH
Placed: 6 April 2002 by Seeker of Flags
General notes: Please take your own stamp pad(s). Ohio’s climate is not conducive to stamp pad durability. Seeker of Flags’ pace count is 19.5 double steps per 100 feet. A pace equals 2 steps. Degree of difficulty is on a 5 point scale. Please e-mail me at the
address above with any complaints, suggestions, or information about the status and condition of the Letterbox.

You can follow the signs from Mt. Sterling to Deer Creek State Park. Once on the Park grounds there are more signs to take you to the Main Lodge.

From the north side of the main parking lot by the Lodge there are two trails going north. The Rolling Hills trail starts near the Tennis Courts. The trail is marked by yellow blazes and goes 2.5 miles to the Campground area.

Follow the yellow blazes. After crossing the Woodchuck Trail, marked by a 5’ tall post, start counting bridges. The half way point is just after the 8th bridge, and marked by a bench and a sign. Walk west from the bench for about 30 paces (double steps). This will take you through an area fairly dense with small trees. As you come out of the trees into a more open area, look for a man-hole cover and a pipe sticking out of the ground about 2 foot; shaped like a candy cane.
Stand between the man-hole cover and the pipe. You'll be far enough away to prevent the metal from affecting your compass. Take a bearing of 360 degrees. Step off 13 paces and look right. There will be a rock about 3.5 paces to the east. The rock is about 18 inches by 16 inches by 11 inches tall. The Letterbox is under the two smaller rocks beside it.

This Park is best visited in the Fall or Winter. In the Spring, or after much rain, the trails are very muddy and slippery. In the Summer, the reason for the original name of this area, "Tick Ridge" becomes very evident.