Shayla- Here there be Dragons Series  LbNA # 24669

Placed DateApr 26 2006
LocationStevensville, MT
Found By RaceFamily
Last Found Oct 18 2012
Hike Distance?

Many may believe that the scaly creatures have left and are gone for good. The wee folk know differently and they live at this place

This is the story of Shayla the hungry. The wee folk were amazed at how she tromped through the forest leaving trees pushed over as she passed. She had such particular tastes for food that the same old hikers would not satisfy her. Oh no! Her favorite food was Oreo Cookies- double stuffed! She searched the campground daily seeking what she needed in tents and campers. Finally the campground host asked her to pay the campground overnight fee and she fled. But beware of hiking up here with Oreo Cookies we don't want you to be attacked by Shayla the Hungry. The wee folk left a picture of Shayla.
It can be found at 6x8 skips from the boulders of the trailhead. Then turn left onto the game trail about 7x4 paces to one of the trees that Shayla originally Knocked down as she walked to the campground for Oreos.