Woodchuck Trail  LbNA # 2467

OwnerSeeker of Flags      
Placed DateFeb 24 2002
LocationMt. Sterling, OH
Found ByIreland
Last UpdateApr 26 2008


Difficulty: Clues-1, Physical-1.5
Deer Creek State Park
Pickaway County, OH
Placed: 24 Feb 02 by Seeker of Flags

26 Sep 04 - This area has recently undergone some "improvements". The trail and the box are still in the same place, but all the signage has changed. Try this.

As the Park Lodge comes into view, turn left into the parking lot. From the north-west corner of that lot a trail begins. Follow the Woodchuck Trail with red blazes past the pond. On your left is a sign explaining ant hills. Count out 44 paces. On your left there will be a red marker with yellow paint covering the old #4 trail marker. Count out 58 paces. On your left is a candy cane shaped pipe and a man hole cover. From the man hole cover, face 140 degrees and walk 8 paces around the ant hill. In front of you should be a rock about the size of a football, look under the rock for the letterbox. If you see the white ash sign you've gone too far.

About 2/10s further down the trail is a bench at the Owl and Hawk Heaven sign or back-track to the pond for one. Or just find a secluded spot away from the trail.

This Park is best visited in the Fall or Winter. In the Spring, or after much rain, the trails are very muddy and slippery. In the Summer, the reason for the original name of this area, "Tick Ridge" becomes very evident.