Anderson Center for the Arts Sculpture Garden  LbNA # 24725

Placed DateAug 17 2006
LocationRed Wing, MN
Found By JkZamora
Last Found Apr 1 2012
Hike Distance?

The Anderson Center for the Arts is located west of Red Wing just where Hwy 19 tees into Hwy 61. You can enter either through the main entrance or directly into the sculpture garden to the left. There is no fee - except on special occasions. Or, if you're traveling on the Cannon Valley Bike Trail you'll find a bike rack and footpath leading uphill to the sculpture garden.

Once in the garden look for a large sculpture which contains a beam and a chair ("The Chair of Copernicus" by MacGruffy. From the chair, head downhill (north) about 50 paces towards the woods. About 10 more paces into the woods you'll spot a tree with a large hole in its truck. In the hole in a rusty can is the letterbox.