Roadside Prophet  LbNA # 24729

Ownerthe alethiometrists    
Placed DateAug 20 2006
LocationCary, NC
Found By The Paradux
Last Found Dec 9 2012
Hike Distance?

Roadside Prophet

“When 7 Spanish Angels appear
at the altar of the sun
Gabriel will blow his trumpet
The last war will have begun.”

In Cary, NC, drive to 804 High House Road. Behold the archangel and his sword of truth! All true seekers are welcome to park within his domain. (But Sunday, it can be crowded. There is also parking on a side street nearby, but then you will walk west, not east.)

Take care in crossing the busy street. Walk to the east (that’s left) until you stand in front of the the Pregnant Alien and Chief Crazy Horse. Beware disturbing the prophet, but behold his works. Bask in the wisdom of his opinion of the Cary Town Council. You may even see a squirrel playing on a swing. Take the day of the month from Crazy Horse's sign, multiply that number by four, and, starting from the western edge of the prophet’s land (around the telephone pole), proceed that many steps west down the sidewalk. You should be able to see the Archangel Michael waving at you from across the street. Here, step into the woods. At the bottom of the slope where the ground drops from the sidewalk, head 20 steps south to the dancing trees sharing a cup. Inside their cup, you'll find the letterbox.


NOTE: This description was updated on February 27, 2010, when we replaced the letterbox stamp and log and moved the box a bit.