Ram Island  LbNA # 24732

Placed DateAug 16 2006
LocationBoothbay, ME
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For this trip, it would be best for you to have a detailed nautical chart of the Barter's Island area. Also, bring a picnic, as your destination is a beautiful spot for lunch or supper!

From Route 1, take Route 27 South. Drive 9.3 miles to Boothbay Center, bear to the right of the monument. Go straight at the stop sign onto Corey Lane, then take the first right onto Barter's Island Road. Follow Barter's Island Road across Knickerbocker Bridge to Knickerkane Island. Turn left into the parking lot.

Launch your boat from the asphalt ramp at the end of the parking lot (you don't have to cross the road). Go under the bridge and around the north end of Hodgdon's Island (to the left). Pass under the Barter's Island Bridge and through the points created by Barter's and Sawyer's Islands. Straight ahead you'll see a small wooded island with ledges on the right (check the ledges for seals, but keep your distance from them, please!). Stay on the left side of the island, and pull into the beach on the southeast end of Ram Island.

With your back to the water, look to your left for a stump with a small evergreen growing out of it. Walk along the length of the stump and follow the somewhat overgrown path to the left. In the center of the clearing, look for 2 standing trees on the left with 2 fallen trees on the right. The letterbox is in at the base of the tree that has fully fallen. Don't be squeamish - reach well into the debris in the base of the trunk to find the box! (Please rehide it very well - this is a popular weekend picnic spot!)