WEL # 4 - Bowie's Footsteps on the Ceiling  LbNA # 24749

OwnerMandy "Cameo"    
Placed DateJun 10 2006
LocationBowie, CO
Found By Johnsosaurus
Last Found Aug 13 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 15 2015

(Part of the West Elk Loop Scenic Byway Series - all 12 Letterboxes for this Series may be seen at once by clicking on the "West Elk Loop Scenic Byway Series" clue sheet. Looking at that page may help direct you to this box.)

Read about the Footsteps in the pamphlet. I couldn't wait to see this site and place the box nearby, but we never did see it! So we ended up past the itty bitty town of Bowie and just placed the box at the first place we could. Just past Bowie (still on hwy133), you'll come to a T intersection (there will be a sighn to go to Paonia). You'll also see a brown "Point of Interest" sign. Although it wasn't very "interesting," the box was placed there behind Escalante Dominguez, 2 steps behind among the rocks. It's a HUGE prescription bottle with a black lid.