WEL #5 - Hotchkiss  LbNA # 24750

OwnerMandy "Cameo"    
Placed DateJun 10 2006
LocationHotchkiss, CO
Found By Beaver Believers
Last Found Jul 12 2008
Hike Distance?

#5 - HOTCHKISS (Part of the West Elk Loop Scenic Byway Series - all 12 Letterboxes for this Series may be seen at once by clicking on the "West Elk Loop Scenic Byway Series" clue sheet. Looking at that page may help direct you to this box.)

Watch for sign to turn left to follow WEL!!! After the turn, you'll soon see a bridge (North Fork Gunnison River). Pull off to the right beside the bridge and pull on up to "Reviving the River." Behind the sign is a small tree. Check the back side of that tree under a rock.