Child Play  LbNA # 24758

OwnerThe M Gang    
Placed DateAug 21 2006
LocationUrbana, OH
Found By NM8B
Last Found Sep 16 2009
Hike Distance?

Begin at the corner of Rt 36 and Dugan in Urbana, near the Super Wal-Mart.

Drive at 50 degrees for 0.8 miles to turn on the road where the youngsters live. After the turn, drive an additional 1.1 miles to the entrance. Enter and drive 0.2miles before parking.

Begin to find your inner child on the HEY! WAGON. Climb to the top and look to 20 degrees. You will see where the music begins. Head that way to count the signs on the front of the stand.
Go skip a few stones on the pond and sit on a bench to feed the ducks. Notice how many permanent benches around the pond you can choose from to sit on. (You will need these numbers later, so pay attention!)
Walk down to the bike path near the road and turn right. Take a leisurely stroll along the path until you have passed 10 trees lining the right side of the trail. Turn right at the intersection and head for the playground on the hill. If you are lucky enough to be here at the right time, you can sit in the shelter, have a snack and enjoy a great view of America’s Game.
When you finish playing, take a ride on the motorcycle with questionable suspension. If you drive straight ahead, you will come to a big gray rock embedded in the ground.
Turn to 210 degrees and pace off the number of permanent benches around the pond. In this case, a pace= 2 child steps or about 3 feet. Once you reach that tree, pace off the number of signs that you counted earlier. (See? I told you that you would need those numbers!)
Notice the path to your left. From the edge of that path, take 7 paces to the survey post on the left.
You will find the letter box at the base of the tree shaped like a “V”.
Make sure to replace the 3 rocks to hide the box again!