Monkeyshines  LbNA # 2476

Placed DateDec 21 2002
LocationChillicothe, OH
Found Byweezie1313 (Attempted)
Last UpdateMar 30 2012


The Monkeyshines Letterbox is located in the Great Seal State Park near
Chillicothe, Ohio in Ross County.
Placed: Dec 21,2002 by franzsolo...

NOTE: this microbox does not have a stamp pad,or pen
Difficulty: easy
Take the Marietta Road entrance to the Ireland Picnic Area.
Find the southwest corner of the Ireland Picnic Shelter.
>From there go 160 for 33 paces.
(a pace= 2 steps ; about 5 feet )
Now 180 for 23 paces (to a trail marker )
Last but not least take a heading at 90 for 13 paces.
Small log lying NE-SW direction,and a small tree on the right.
Mail me if you find it !