Dumbledore's Discerning Duck  LbNA # 24784

Placed DateAug 6 2006
LocationResort Drive, North Umpqua, OR
Last Found Aug 6 2011
Hike Distance?

1/2 mile RT, Bike, Stroller, Dog Friendly, Bug Spray required, no porta potties at TH

The old Wizard, who now vacations at a sparkling big drink of water, used to take his vacation time from his magical duties at this “Gem” of a lake. He did not have his “Familiar” the phoenix helping him in the early days, but instead had the most discerning of ducks. This duck was very capable, particularly when it came to picking flight routes; he was infallible in always making the right decisions. Together Dumbledore and the duck spent nearly a decade vacationing at the “Gem” lake, and their parting was not acrimonious, but it was based on loving respect. It seems Dumbledore wanted more spirituality that was to be found at the lake 9 miles to the south (the fetching Merriam Skell was also resided at the lake to the south) and the duck wished more solitude and to be with his own kind. The duck does make frequent visits and always brings the old wizard the keys that help him unlock the line-word-letter locks that always give him difficulty. After your visit here maybe you too can visit Dumbledore. He can be found near the overlook for the Cinder Cone Celestial Resort for Wizards and Witches.

Just past South Shore picnic area, locate a turn out on South Shore Road for the Silent Creek Trail Head. Once you have parked head down stream on the asphalt trail. Do not take the trail up stream. You will come to an intersection of another trail (John Dellenbeck) and you will turn left here and cross the bridge. Take a few steps and look for a blue sign on a tree near the bridge “Silent Creek”. Look to the left for another blue sign on a tree. From the SW end of the bridge take 22 steps off trail but on a log pointing the way, at 220 degrees, to a 6 ft. high stump. The duck lives in the top of this stump under some tree stuff.

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