MT: Holly and Blue Bell  LbNA # 24821 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 22 2006
LocationDover, TN
Found By DS
Last Found Oct 9 2012
Hike Distance?

L@nd Between the L@kes Nat’l Recreation Area ( is four miles west of Dover, TN on US 79.

****Holly is missing, but Blue Bell is still in place, with the following revision to the clues - no part of that fallen tree is in the path anymore. It is doing fine. ****

MT: Holly

From US 79 head north on “The Trace” . Turn left on F0RT HENRY RD. It’s poorly marked, but it is across the road from the South Welcome Station. Go about 7 miles on FHR following the signs toward B0SWELL LANDlNG until you see the sign for F0RT HENRY TRAlL. Take FHT to the circle driveway. Park and enter the woods behind the tree with the brown and yellow Hiker Trail sign. After entering the woods, you could go 3 ways. Turn left following the “Telegraph Trail” (red markings). Not far, on the right see an almost dead multi-trunk, multi branched cedar tree about 6 steps off the path. The box is in the middle of the trunks.

MT: Blue Bell

Continue on this red marked trail, pass an opening… oopss. I can see my car… hehehe. Continue on the red path. Crossover a 3 way dirt road, re-entering the woods of the red marked trail. About ¼ mile further, you are walking in the woods alongside a plowed field on the right. You come to what looks like a really long tree that has fallen down, with its tallest portion over the trail. Don’t go under the fallen tree, instead, go about 20 steps into the woods, at this point you can see that what looks like a really long tree, is actually 2 trees that have fallen, one leaning against the other. See the large tree standing near the uprooted roots of the first fallen tree. The box is tucked into the roots of this standing tree, covered with a rock.