The Horse's Shoe  LbNA # 24829

Placed DateAug 21 2006
LocationBainbridge, OH
Found ByBanana (Attempted)
Last UpdateJul 23 2009
Hike Distance?

We were notified that boxers had moved our box to a "safer"spot?! NOW we can't find it so try for it if you want---This box is in Pike Lake State Park.Go to the parking lot between the lake & the campgrounds.From the 1st spot face the lake & take a reading of 40*.Proceed to the Unknown Soldier & stand in the hollow of the tree.Take a reading of 140* & go to the gray wall.In the center of the pit's eastside take a 75* reading & go 45 steps straight to the dry creek bed(usually).On the opposite bank you should see 3 trees in a line.Take your pick & take your time.