Nothing Spells Luvin'.....  LbNA # 24865

Placed DateAug 18 2006
LocationSalsbury Cove, ME
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This is a hybrid box (geocache and letterbox). It is listed on the geocache website as “The Ovens”. Please play by the rules of both games so all can enjoy.

Back in the days of Eden, summer visitors would boat here for a picnic or a romantic get-away. Today, one has to get here in the same manner, unless you know a landowner or are staying in a nearby rental with r.o.w. to the shore. It is a popular kayak stop. I have walked along the shore from Salsbury Cove.

Once you’ve reached the spot, stand in the portal to begin your journey back in time. This was once called “The Via Mala”. Face back towards old Eden in a southerly direction. 50 paces please.

Smell the combination of sea and pine. Look up to your right at the precarious pines clinging to existence. Can you hear the old picnickers laughing at jokes long gone? 50 more paces along the shoreline.

Here the sea has carved bowls along the base of the cliff. Were they here when our old friends used to play here? How long does it take to wear away a cliff? 50 more paces along the shore.

The elements have beaten the cliff. A pile of rumble stands at the base with two large boulders acting as gatekeepers to the past. Stand between the “keepers” facing the cliff. One more large stone guards the treasure you seek. It keeps it high and dry.

Inside the box I’ve added a copy of an old book. I hope you enjoy reading it as you take in the past and the beauty of the present.

Important note: Best to do this box at low tide or your journey will be a wet one.