Just Above Par  LbNA # 2490

Placed DateMay 20 2001
LocationCleveland, OH
Found By cattails.clg
Last Found Jul 3 2010
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Woohoo - replaced July 3, 2010!

Difficulty: Moderate, Time: 1 Hour

Take I-480 to the Columbia Road (RT. 252) exit. At the end of the exit, turn north. Take a right onto Brookpark Road (east). Take a left onto Mastick Road. Follow Mastick Road down into the Rocky River Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks. Cross the Valley Parkway and find Mastick Woods Golf Course on your left hand side. Park in the parking lot just beyond the golf course.

In 1919 the Cleveland Metropark System began as a 3.8 acre park in the northern part of this reservation. It has grown over the years to 19,000 acres of land in a chain of twelve park reservations, collectively known as the Emerald Necklace, encircling downtown Cleveland. Most of us Clevelanders simply refer to the park as 'The Valley' because most of the land follows river beds well bellow street level. We feel so fortunate to have such
unspoiled settings so close at hand. Come visit a favorite spot of mine!

Running along the left hand side of the golf course, and alongside the Rocky River, is a bridle trail. Follow this trail beyond and away from the golf course. You'll pass an apparent debris dump for the park maintenance dept. You'll pass some amazing huge old sycamores, and leave traffic noises and 'civilization' behind.

***The Metroparks staff is currently working on the trail, trying to fix areas that continually get washed away during heavy rains. Don't give up on the trail - after a time it becomes its usual narrower nice trail.

The bridle path will gently start ascending. You'll have a fine view of Rocky River as the trail passes more closely to the river - a rail will stop you from tumbling. Recently widened and resurfaced,you'll find that the trail levels out for a few steps, takes a small dip then ascends more steeply, becoming very gravelly, curving gently to the right.

When you return to the bridle path, take a right and continue on - the trail gradually gets narrower and offers some wonderful views of Rocky River. You'll pass a large culvert - yikes - on your left. Further on some nice rail fences take you around a curve.

When you come to a 'Y' in the trail, take either branch (it's simply a loop at the end of the trail). At about the midpoint of the loop is a picnic table. Put your stuff down on the side of the table closest to the trail. Look to your right (north) - you are going to head that direction once you get back on the trail. Go back to the trail and take 17 steps along the trail. About 9 steps off the trail to the west is a two trunked 'Y' tree. Find the Just Above Par letterbox hidden at the base.

After stamping up, return to the trail in either direction and head home. Happy trails!

by bibliophile