The Chimney Rock Picnic Quest  LbNA # 24901 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerK family    
Placed DateAug 18 2006
LocationChimney Rock, NC
Found By NCangel
Last Found Feb 11 2007
Hike Distance?

Enter Chimney Rock Park, which is a privately owned beautiful park, full of things to do. There is a fee to enter. Pass by the Great Woodland Adventure, which is awonderful trail for kids. Continue on road. Pass the sign for the "Parking 1/2 Mile", which is across from a private lidge. Find the next picnic table pull off on the left side of the road. Sitting at the table, facing the road, spot large boulders on the left. Take trail up to the boulders. Pass between boulders on trail, climbing over rocks and logs to the last boulder on the right. Climb this boulder to the top to overlook the road and find the letterbox.

Good Luck! Please remember to cover it back up.